Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Photo Tag!

Jenny DB from So Say I has tagged me in the Fun With Photo Tag game!!  I'm cracking up right now, because I can't wait to see what picture I find.  AND...the fact that whoever is in it is going to have a little white box over their face, so the story probably won't be nearly as funny:(

Since we are on the subject of the "little white box", let me explain myself.  I started this as an anonymous blog.  I was on Match.com, and I didn't want anyone to know who I was for fear they may figure out who one of my dates was.  My purpose was NEVER to hurt anyone's feelings, and therefore I wanted to remain as anonymous as possible.

Obviously I'm no longer on MDC.  I chose to share a picture of TEN and I when I introduced him to the blog.  I wasn't 100% ready to show my face (even though by then I was pretty sure that everyone who was living in Smalltown, VA and reading my blog knew who I was), and I didn't want to expose TEN's face.

Now, quite honestly, I don't really care about showing my face...but I don't feel completely okay with posting pictures of my friends on my blog.  The internet is so very public, and half of the time we are swinging around cocktails and doing silly things.  Is this an invasion of their privacy?  Should I ask them for their permission to post their pictures?  MK and I talked about this for quite some time the other day, and I'm on the fence.  I think I very well may remove my "little white box", but I'm still just not sure about my friends.  I need to think on it some more.  Because really...as innocent as it all seems, I would never want a picture I posted to come back to bite one of them.

Okay, enough.  Just my thoughts.  Now, back to the Fun With Photo Tag game :)

Here are the rules:
  1. Open your 1st Photo Folder  
  2. Scroll to the 10th photo
  3. Post the photo (no cheating) and the story behind it 
  4. Tag 5 or more people
Well, this is funny!!  Here I was, ready to fully expose myself...and I'm not even in the picture :( 

(TEN's friend, TEN, karaoke Bill)

The story behind this picture is that TEN and I were about and about one night.  We ran into this friend of his who has an amazing voice.  TEN was determined that I needed to hear this guy sing.  So, we went to a local bar that had karaoke that night.  TEN also decided that he need to sing back up for this friend of his.  I thought it was all completely hilarious, hence the picture.  I can't remember what song they are singing, but apparently TEN thinks he is a rap star or something..check out the hand motions!  And his friend....snapping to keep the beat.  I so wish this had been a video :)

Now, I tag a few of my blog friends to delve into their picture archives as well!!

I tried to tag most of my bloggy friends that routinely post pictures of themselves.  I didn't for a while, so I was never tagged in things that that...and completely understand if you don't...but that was the method to my madness above :)

Enjoy!!  Can't wait to see what pictures you come up with.



Jess said...

Haha, cute! Karaoke is always a fun time!

Blackeyed Susan said...

Yay! Thanks for the tag...kinda scared to see what I find! haha

Bethany said...

Thanks for the tag! It will be interesting to see what picture turns up in my album.

Emily Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the Tag! Fun game :)

mrs.mfc said...

Thanks for tagging me! This computer doesn't have folders of pictures so I will have to wait and do it from my home laptop. I am totally scared of what it will be.

I think you could ask some people if they mind having their pictures on your blog. If you aren't close enoug to want to ask them that, then leave a box over their face, you know? I certainly don't mind if you post my pictures, especially considering my blog is covered in pictures! I would think that most of your (our) friends wouldn't mind at all. Can't wait until you stop "boxing" :)

Jenny DB said...

Thanks for playing, and I can't wait to see some pics sans white box. Just saying. I think I already' know what yall look like.. it was that sunglasses pic that did it :-) oopsies!

MCW said...

Thanks for the tag! The 10th pic in my desk top is a picture of my bed. Not exciting. I will have to look into my Shutterfly account and see what pops up!