Friday, April 24, 2009

How Does YOUR Blog Rate? I think I'm Still an SC :)

I just noticed that I have a few new followers! Hi there! Thanks for stopping by, and also for your kind words and support :)

One of my new followers is Beth Dunn, the author of Social Climbers. I have heard many things about this book, and actually think I first stumbled across it on someone's blog. At the time it hadn't been released, but now it has!! Beth also has a blog called Social Climbers, and I was perusing it today and came across her abbreviated "Dictionary". I LOVE IT. Beth uses her dictionary to label the Real Housewives of NYC and it's hysterical. So.....I thought I would try to figure out how I would be described. The terms certainly aren't all very nice, and unfortunately I probably fall in some of the less lovely categories at times. However, overall I think I am a mixture of quite a few of them.

Smalltown, VA is certainly no Philadelphia, but we do have a bit of a social order here. Mostly everyone knows everyone, but we don't all "interact" if you will. I kindove come from a snooty background, and when I moved here I decided to try just being myself. Not being "the child of such and such". I think that has landed me right where I want to be:)

That's in "real life". In "blog life" I think my Social Standing (SS) is still Social Climber(SC), and probably a bit Middle Class (MC). At times, when I'm rehashing my dates, I'm probably a bit of an Uber Bitch (UB). I am definitely a Daddy's Little Girl (DLG) at heart, but have tried not to show it since I've moved to Smalltown, VA. I'm still striving to be Having it All (IT), and hope that one day my little blog will be Already There (AT).

Anyway, there's a little fun for you on this Friday afternoon, and I do hope you will visit Beth's Blog Social Climbers, and even purchase THE BOOK!

Happy Reading,



**Liz** said...

It would be a "A"

Jess said...

Good question about the A and AN even though you've already gotten an answer. I've always been inclined to want to make it AN when it’s initials too. Wonder why that is? This sounds interesting – I wouldn’t mind reading this!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Hi T! I was very intrigued by your grammar question! I really think it's "an". Even though "an" should only go before vowels, when it comes to acronyms like SC, it's the sound of the letters not the actual letter that matters. So since S is phonically "es", it would use "an" instead of "a".

Ok so anyway...I'm random - I really was writing a comment to say I like your blog and definitely want to read the Social Climbers book! Have a great weekend!


**Liz** said...

I am reversing my opinion after looking it up.

I went here:

It said "AN" because S sounds like "ES" when you say it.

Sorry for the confusion.

Melia said...

I knew it felt better saying "an" than "a"!! I'm glad to know the correct way. We knew if felt better saying "an SC" but we weren't sure why!! It all makes sense now.

Beth Dunn said...

Hi honey bunny! You are sweet to write about the book. I totally live for you. Yes a SC is proper but because of the way it sounded (essie) an editor had me put the an. I really struggled with it, but now have accepted it. many kisses being sent your way! xoxo