Wednesday, February 4, 2009

About Me....

I am a true Gemini in every sense of the word! There are days when I stay busy from morning until night, and others when I want to just kick back and enjoy time with friends. Most important is that I surrounded myself with people who are positive and outgoing and enjoy life as much as I do.

I enjoy pretty much anything that brings me outdoors when the weather is nice. Spending the day at the lake is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. I 'm not one that you will routinely find in a gym...but I run and play tennis whenever I get the chance.

I have a job that I love and the best friends that anyone could ask for. I can honestly say that I am happy with who I am, and have accomplished the things that I have hoped to at this point in my life. There are still places in the world that I would like to see, and I would love to find someone to do this with. I would like to find someone who is first and foremost comfortable with who they are. Someone who I can fish from the bank of a river with, but who will also have fun at a black tie affair. Being a Hokie fan is definitely a plus. I love snuggling up in a blanket at fall football games! Motivation and ambition are key, but there needs to be a healthy mix of work and play. Someone who enjoys friends and is open to meeting new people is important as well. Most of all I enjoy someone who loves to laugh. I believe that a good sense of humor is one of most valuable characteristics someone can have.
Sound familiar? Yes, I thought so. This would be my profile. Seriously, they are the most terrible things to write. I had three goals when writing this:

1. No long walks on the beach
2. No indication that I enjoy hiking
3. To be honest

I think I achieved all three. What I didn't plan on was:

4. Attracting some of the most bizzare humans on earth.

Get ready for the ride of a lifetime friends! You are going to start dating with me :)


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paisana said...

Oh this is BRILLIANT. Before Bones and I started dating, I used to go on a TON of bad dates and they did make for hilarious blog posting. I'm signing up! I'm ready to be entertained!