Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have this wonderful trip to London planned. I'm leaving on January 5th and returning on January 14th. Good times! I'm going to visit my girlfriend Kat who lives there now. She's moved there recently, and the moment she did I scheduled my trip.

Father Abraham knows about the trip, and he says we will most definitely get together when I return. I say okay. In the mean time, however, I've met someone new on He's called Guitar Hero and you really can't wait to hear about him. Really, you can't! But you will have to because FIRST...I GO TO LONDON!!!!

London is great. That's a different story for a different blog, but it does become relevant when I meet THE EARL. Kat and I are on a day trip to Greenwich when we come across him. Well, actually he comes across us...but that's irrelevant. He's not particularly attractive. He's not dressed "smartly" per se, but somehow it works for him. I'm captivated. He has a British accent, but not the harsh kind of accent you hear in Oliver Twist or whatever. It's melodic. He's funny, and sarcastic and a bit of an ass and I think he's fabulous. Kat says "why T, I do believe he's taken with you". (She's so proper now that she's a Londoner dontcha know!).

Anyway, I flirt shamelessly and he shows us around town and tells us about his life and a friend of his joins the tour and then they ask Kat and I to dinner. The Earl proposes we try Indian food. Never had it. Not so sure I will like it. AND...leave it it Kat to say "you'd better ask T because she doesn't really like weird food very much". Seriously. What could I say. "Oh yes, Indian sounds lovely! Let's do that for sure. I'd love to try it." Thanks Kat :) Turns out I do like Indian food!

After dinner no one wanted the evening to end so we went to play pool for a bit, and then we did have to leave. It was hard. I didn't want to. I wanted to listen to him talk about his life and his world and everything else forever. He asked when I was coming back to England, and I said "who knows". Alas....

The point is...I still haven't stopped thinking about the Earl. He is the type of guy I want to find. He is the type of guy I'm meant to be with. Perhaps those types of men aren't bred in America? Perhaps I need to move to England? I don't know. What I do know is that I did not think about Father Abraham one single time while I was in London. Goodbye Father Abraham.


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