Monday, February 16, 2009

Why Don't You Have a Date?

Friday night I was invited to a Little Red Dress Party. It was a fundraiser at a friend's house, and all the girls wore red dresses. I knew quite a few of the people attending, and a group of us met for dinner before the cocktail party. I adore getting dressed up, and was really looking forward to this event. I'm a sucker for charity, and this certain charity helps kids. You got me. I'm there. Checkbook in hand :)

The cocktail party was lovely. It was a great mix of single people and couples, and I love parties like that. Some people don't seem to realize that single people and couples can co-exist and not kill each other. I'm serious. Have you ever noticed some people don't invite single people to events if there will be mainly couples there? I have. I think it's hysterical really. Unless it's going to be some sort of orgy and everyone needs to be able to pair off or something I don't see the point.

I left the party at 10 and headed home because I had yet another cocktail party on Saturday. A full weekend of festivities for this single girl! I do believe this may have been the best Valentine's Day yet for me. No pressure. No perfect gift or cute scavenger hunt to plan. I just have to put on a dress and show up. Perfect!

Saturday night a girlfriend had about 25 of us over to celebrate the holiday. The theme was pink and red, so of course I wore purple. Usually I play well with others when it comes to themed parties, but with the holidays and then the Little Red Dress party I had exhausted all possible choices for a dress! I carried a red purse and wore red heels, so I think my outfit was acceptable.

I was asked twice on Saturday night "why don't you have a date?". I really wasn't sure how to respond to this. I could delve into all of the reasons for my lack of a date, but I'm finding it's easier to just say "read my blog". Is that bitchy of me? I think it probably is. I don't care. If the asker had been through the dates I've been through I guarantee they wouldn't want a date on Valentine's either :)


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