Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Conjunction Junction.....What's Your Function?

I'm still not feeling 100%, so perhaps I'm not looking through rose colored glasses at the moment? Am I overly critical? I guess I just feel that if you are going to put yourself "out there", you might want to do it with a little punctuation. Is that asking too much? Not only is my latest match a fan of the run-on sentence, I also think he sounds a bit like an idiot? As I was reading the first sentence (SCRATCH THAT! IT'S ALL ONE SENTENCE).....the first line, I was tempted to break out in song: for so that we can = "Fa So La Ti Da".

Didn't these jokers watch School House Rock? That's where I learned all of my punctuation skills. It's really easy too. There is a song for every skill you learn. I wonder if it's still on TV? I'm thinking that if it is, they should start playing it at 6pm rather than the news. Punctuation is obviously more important that what they show at 6pm anyway!

Okay, back to Mr. Grammar....HE wants to be swept off HIS feet? HE wants to be whisked off to a foreign land? Seriously? This guy needs to invest in a good Harlequin Romance and call it a day. My guess is that passport isn't going to be getting much use anytime soon. I also have no desire to end up with Davy Crockett in the woods, so this isn't going to work anyway. Take a deep breath my friends, and read on:

"i need a woman that can love me for so that we can be together forever i like romantic things, as well as camping and having fun cuddling up to a nice movie, maybe going for a picnic or a nice drive somewhere to the beach or the mountains i would really enjoy living in the woods or having a cabin somewhere i just want to relax and take it easy and get a way from it all if its one thing in life i have learned and that is money isnt everything its always the simple ones that can take something and turn it into something beautiful although we all know money helps well if you would like to ask questions thats what i am here for i want to meet a woman that can sweep me off my feet, a lady to run away with, maybe to a foreign land i have my passport "

The good news is that I'm also matched up with a good one! MK and I believe he is a doctor. He lives about an hour away, and just moved back to the area. He's uber cute, but a little on the short side. I winked at him anyway. Oh yes I did! I winked. It was rather exhilarating, thanks for asking :) I still haven't winked at young boy from yesterday, but I might.

I'll keep you posted. hahahahah...get it? Posted! (told you i'm still sick. bare with me.)


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Kait said...

I only was able to get seven words into that incredibly awful ramble before I had to stop reading.

Did he say he wants to live in the woods?