Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Guitar Hero Unleashes His Inner Rock Legend"


Finally! Guitar Hero and I make a date that works for both of us. How exciting:) There's some background here that I need to fill you in on, so sit back and get comfy because it's apparently a very small world.

About 2.5 years ago a good friend of mine was on She was coming up from Richmond and stopped off in Smaller than my Smalltown, VA to have a drink with a guy she met online. She thought he was super nice, so she brought him the rest of the way to my house to go to the Tech game. It was supposed to be a girl's weekend, so I was a little irritated. They didn't really hit it off for a long term thing and quit communicating. No biggie. He did, however, spend the night in the spare bedroom at my house with us (this is relevant later!).

Flash forward 2.5 years....Guitar Hero and I connect. I'm telling my good friend about him and she says "OMG! You know who that is!". Sure enough, the more I tell her the more it matches up. My good friend is convinced that I should go out with him because she thinks he's really nice, and quite attractive. The problems are:

1. I was completely rude to him when I met him before. (at one point I said "could you please just stop talking?")

2. If I couldn't stand him then, am I going to be able to stand him now?

3. Is it weird to go out with someone your friend has gone out with? Even though nothing ever happened with them. Still....

I've got to say something to him, right? So, I e-mail him and he's completely aware of who I am. Okay, he must not remember me despising him. I'm going to meet him for a drink.

****Side note - the main reason this blog started is because of an e-mail I sent yesterday to my girlfriends who wanted to know how my date with Guitar Hero went. I sent them the following;

Well, he is nice and funny. We met at XXXXXX and stayed there until 9. Everyone left and I got the feeling they wanted to close, so we decided to head to XXXXXX. There were zero cars in the lot, so we headed on to my house for a few drinks. I thought he would be needing to leave soon b/c he had the drive back to Smaller than my Smalltown, VA. WRONG!

When we get to my house he pulls a guitar out of the back seat and heads to the door. (Yes, I did say he pulled out a guitar). We go inside, I make us each a drink and he proceeds to start playing the guitar. Not really my thing, so I said "hey, let's play name that tune" thinking it would be a bit more exciting. It was fun for a while. Then we talked about other stuff.

I don't know. I don't like the way he dresses, and he sure does talk a lot. I mean A LOT! He didn't ask a single question about me :( Anyway, he's coming in for (a bachelor and bachelorette auction for a local charity...great fun!) because I'm not messing around here with these guys anymore. I'm going to expose them to my friends, get feedback and then go from there.

So, he leaves my house and texts me. He had a great time. Blah, blah, blah. THEN...he texts "I think I will even let you kiss me this weekend". Gross. Tacky. Inappropriate. Then, he texts me "Get my room ready". Is he serious? That I am going to let him stay at my house? I know he has before when (my good friend) brought him to that stupid football game, but I wasn't happy about it then and I'm not happy about it now. So, I'm going to e-mail him and tell him that I think he is nice, and he is welcome to come in for (bachelor/bachelorette auction). However, I'm going to tell him that I'm a bit old-fashioned and I don't really think it's appropriate for him to stay at my house. I realize he has a 1.5 hour drive home, and if that is a problem then perhaps we can get together another time. I am not having a stranger stay in my house!!!! Too much, too soon. What is wrong with these guys I keep going out with. something wrong with me?

So there it is folks. I'm taking him to an event. Yes, even after all of that creepy stuff. I did e-mail him and tell him my thoughts. He replied with the following:

T!!! No problem!!! I am still planning on 7:30 at your house, right? We can go, have a blast, and then if I am too tired to go home, I will grab a room. If not, I will drive back. It's that simple! I know you are secretly wanting me to stay there and are just using this as a cover, but the answer is NO!!! I am not staying there for quite a while I am afraid and you will have to get used to it!!! Sometimes, I just kill myself. Going to play tennis, call you after!!! Guitar Hero

He's a weirdo, right? Now he's going to call me tonight and I don't even want to talk to him. Was he trying to be funny with his response? That he assumes there we will continue to see each other for "a while" and there will be time for sleepovers later? Can't he even fathom that I won't like him? Isn't that possible? Icky! I don't like it. Why then can't I just tell him I've changed my mind and I'm not interested? I'll tell you why, because everyone has convinced me that I'm too judgemental and I need to give people a chance. Really? Do you think so? Ughh!

If tomorrow night is a bust I'm ditching the 3-strike theory and settling on 1-strike. Seriously.


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