Monday, February 23, 2009

"I enjoy clubbing dancing and all other exciting activities"

Hi friends. I'm still feeling rather poorly. A bit like I've got the plague I imagine. Regardless, I thought I would sign on to to see if there is anything interesting that might brighten my day.

There sure was something that made me laugh. Let me share with you the concept of the Daily 5. uses all of it's match making capabilities to send you 5 potential matches each day. This is different than the regular "wink" or "e-mail" that I am accustomed to. These people haven't indicated that they are interested in me so much as the computer has determined that we should be interested in each other. I'm guessing the computer can't read. That must be the case. Let me share with you what one of my lovely matches from today says about himself:

"I enjoy clubbing dancing and all other exciting activities looking for same I enjoy anything that gets the adrenaline pumping I am a very sexual person who enjoys alot of for play and would like some one who would enjoy coming home after a night of clubbing and enjoying hours of wild unbridaled sex of course you know this is the best exercise …

What I like to do...
I enjoy clubbing and dancing

My hot spots...
I would take her ot to a nice place to eat and then to the club for drinks and dancing"

Wow. He just put it out there didn't he? Yikes! Not to mention the spelling/grammar, but anyway......I don't think this computer has any idea what it's doing. None of my other Daily 5 matches have pictures today, and I've already shared with you my thoughts on that!

The other feature I have discovered is that you can click on a link to show you who has expressed interest in you from reading their Daily 5. There is a really cute guy who has indicated interest in me. He's really tall. CHECK. He seems quite smart. CHECK. He dresses well. CHECK. He wears glasses (did I mention I adore men who wear glasses?). CHECK. He graduated from my university. CHECK.

Okay, I'm going to stop here because obviously everything is checking out. There is one problem though......he's 7 years younger than me :( This is my curse friends. In my every day life I meet men who appear to be interested in me. The only problem is that they are super young and I just don't think we are at the same place in our lives. I dated one of these younger guys for 3 years and it didn't so much work out. I think I've become jaded when it comes to younger guys.

So, what do YOU think? Shall I give the young guy a wink?


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Melia said...

I don't think it would hurt to give him a little wink. Yes, there are certain struggles in relationships with big age differences, but so does every relationship. Don't judge potential dates on the way things went with the d.b...