Tuesday, February 10, 2009

wht do u do 4 a lvng?

In a previous post I updated you on the current matches in my Match.com inbox. I had 2 potential dates who had e-mailed me. I e-mailed both of them back. Although I haven't received return e-mails from either of them, I was IM'd today. Match #2's initial e-mail indicated that he tried to IM me, but I had already logged off that day.

I'm okay with the whole instant message thing....if I know someone. I don't, however, want to go on a first date with you via an IM conversation. My computer pings and tells me I have a Match.com IM. I click on the function that opens it, and Match #2 says "hi". Well, isn't that clever? I say "hi" back. Mind you, I've e-mailed him and told him that I don't stay logged on to Match.com while I'm at work, and therefore IMing isn't really something that is going to work for me. Sneaky devil! He's caught me while I'm logged in for a quick peek, and he's going to force me to IM with him. Ugghh!

He then says "good". Good what? Then, "wht do u do 4 a lving?". Really? Are you really going to be so lazy that you can't fully type out a question in your second communication to a person who you are interested in getting to know? I understand that on a cell phone texting can be a pain. Abbreviating is fine. I do it too. But you've got a full keyboard in front of you buddy. Use it.

I reply and ask what he does. He tells me. Then he says "i'm going to lunch". I say "okay. i'm logging off now. have a nice lunch." That's it. Nothing thought out. Nothing insightful. I'm left feeling kindove weird. I don't know why.


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jlmargs said...

ugh! i hate it when people do that! it's just lazy. NEXT!