Thursday, February 5, 2009

Father Abraham

Never fear my friends.....I thrust my chin back up in the air, plastered a smile on my face and logged back on to! You're excited. It's okay. You can admit it :)

My next prospect is a little bit older than me (okay, he was 12 years older than me), but seems like a great match. He shall be called Father Abraham for two reasons:

1. He is significantly older than me
2. He has 3 children

Anyway, we decide to meet for a drink on a Thursday night at a local restaurant. He has just come from a play put on by his children at their school. That's nice. I like a man who is sure to attend his children's plays :)

We talk for a few hours and he seems nice. Nothing really jumps out as "wonderful", but he's successful, okay attractive, kind. Sounds good to me! He has his children over the weekend, but we decide to get together for lunch the next week.

Lunch goes well. Again, nothing spectacular to report. But hey...nothing bad either! He introduces me to a restaurant I haven't been to before, which is always fun. (It also happens to be two doors down from the Mexican place where I had lunch with Romeo. Yikes!) After lunch we talked about how we would like to have drinks again sometime soon. Christmas is coming and we will both be busy, but we plan to get together right after the holidays.

Christmas comes. Christmas goes. Father Abraham calls to set up a date. We decide he will pick me up (yes people...he has made it to date 3 and I'm saying "come on over fella"! see where I live and pick me up. I'm getting brave.)

****Side note...I know a guy who works with Father Abraham and got the 411 on him. He's completely harmless, a good guy, great reputation in the community and so on. So, not letting a total stranger come over to pick me up.

Well, Father Abraham has purchased a dog for his 3 children for Christmas. It appears that said dog has injured herself over his lunch break and he now has to take her to the vet. He calls and pushes the date back a bit. That's okay. I understand. He's got to take her to the vet. No problem. Just call me when you are free. So, he does. It's a bit late, and he wants to go to this pub down the way. He picks me up and we go.

****Side note...He shows up in jeans and an un-tucked oxford. No belt. Why this bothers me I don't know. I think it's probably because I DO CARE what I look like. Always. Especially when dating someone new. I take the utmost care to assure that my outfit is flattering, coordinated, pressed. I realize many men aren't into clothes like women are, but don't they realize first impressions are key? Even 3rd impressions are key! Don't pick me up looking like you just rolled out of bed for heaven's sake!

Conversation is okay. He's kindove funny. He's kindove attractive. That's really all I can say. I'm trying here, but I can't think of one single solitary other thing to say. Nothing bad there, but quite truthfully I really don't think I would care one way or another if I ever see Father Abraham again. I suspect that isn't how one is supposed to feel when they meet their future husband and go out with him 3 times? What do YOU think?


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