Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cool Beans!

Guitar Hero shows up Friday night right on time. Problem is...I'm having an outfit crisis. You know, one of those nights where you have all of your clothes laid out (dress, tights, boots) and you know it's going to be a great outfit...but you've never actually tried it on together. Well, I looked like a street walker and had to start from scratch. Ughh! I put together a totally boring outfit that made me look like I should be teaching 10th grade algebra and was making the final touches when he pulled into my driveway. I proclaimed "outfit criss...I'll be ready in a few!". "Cool Beans!" he replies.

****Side note...he has said cool beans about 50 times since I met him. I think the last time I said cool beans I was in the 8th grade. As an adult I have now replaced that saying with;

1. Excellent
2. Sounds good
3. Okay
4. Yay! (if I'm really excited)

I'm trying here people, so I just go with it and don't say anything. I do have to admit that every time he says it I cringe, but if this moves forward I will just have to tell him to stop saying that. It's not the end of the world..
******end side note.

When I come downstairs he is wearing dark jeans, loafers, plaid oxford, camel hair coat. CHECK. He's has gotten a beer from the fridge and is sitting at the kitchen table. CHECK. He says I look great and he likes my shoes. CHECK. So far so good.

We arrive at the bachelor/bachelorette auction and there are a bunch of my friends hovering around the entrance where you buy bidding paddles and such. Introductions Round 1. No no one cringes. He's friendly. This is going to be an okay night.

We enter the event and immediately I see one of my favorite couples. They actually met on too and just got engaged, so I'm thinking this is a good sign! Introductions Round 2 and male part of couple and Guitar Hero strike up a great conversation. In the meantime I'm in "my crowd" so everyone is coming up saying "hi T! let's take pictures. who is this guy? introduce me?". We go through all the intros and all is still going well. A guy friend of mine says "want a drink? and hands me his Flirtini". I'm feeling pretty okay.

I'm taking pictures for the event so that we can put them on our fundraising website. I'm all over the place. Guitar Hero has been warned about this, and is perfectly happy to watch my purse and cocktail while I flit around the event taking pictures. I get some feedback from friends along the way saying he's nice, probably not the guy for me, but they don't think he's terrible or anything.

Fast forward to the end of the night...I've proceeded to consume 8 Flirtinis. Not at all my norm and I'm way tipsy. We all decide to move to the next bar. I last about 5 minutes and Guitar Hero and I decide we are famished. He suggests IHOP for late night dining. (Remember we are in Smalltown, cute all night diners to be found. IHOP is completely acceptable in this situation.)


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