Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sign me up for a Jamaican Honeymoon ASAP. I'm Serious People!

The first thing I do after I've e-mailed Nathaniel Alexander Sinclair III is cut/paste his e-mail and send it to all of my girlfriends. They have supported me through all of the previous disasters, so I really want to share this with them. It's late at night when I send off Nathaniel Alexander Sinclair III's e-mail.

I come into the office the next day to a full inbox. All of the girls are so happy for me! I'm radiant. I have on a fabulous outfit and I'm really to meet my future husband for our first lunch :) My office-mate MK, who is also one of my best girlfriends, is so excited she can barely contain herself. She's engaged to be married, and like any good friend who has already found her man she's on the hunt to help me find mine.

Nathaniel Alexander Sinclair III calls and is done with his interview around 11:00am. He's early!! I haven' t a clue what will be open. God love MK, because she is madly Googling "Smalltown, VA + downtown restaurants + open at 11:00am". She rushes into my office to tell me that a local favorite opens at 11:30. Nathaniel Alexander Sinclair III and I decide that is a plan, and I will walk down from my office to meet him.

On my way out of the office MK is bouncing in her seat. She thinks she is more excited than I am. She's wrong, of course, but this gives me even more confidence that Nathaniel Alexander Sinclair III is THE ONE. My girlfriends read his e-mail and saw his picture. We are all finally in agreement. I've found my man.

Walking down to meet him I'm strangely calm. I decide this is another good sign. I round the corner and there he is. He's about 4 blocks off, but I can see him. He's tall. Long black wool coat over his suit. Brown hair. Big smile. About 1 block away I slow my pace. This can't be him. What's wrong with his face? He doesn't look at all like the friendly guy in the picture. Well, the rest of him does, but not so much his face. Oh goodness. He yells out "T, is that you?". NO!!! THIS CAN'T BE HIM!! But alas, it is.

We sit down and order. He's not so much disfigured in the face or anything, there's just something that makes it hard to look at him...directly in the face anyway. What gives? He crosses his legs and I see the red socks. This is him alright. DAMN! Fooled again.

I decide to make the best of it, and he's actually just as funny and smart as he was in his e-mail. I really, really, really, really, really like his personality. Here's the problem though. I'm willing to overlook the fact that he's a bit tubby. That's usually something that turns me off, but for him...I was willing to say "I don't care!" But his face? How does one go about dating someone when they can't exactly look at them? It was bad people. B-A-D.

Lunch was over. I said I had to go. Said I had a great time. Blah, blah, blah. I walked back to the office with my head down as a single tear slid down my cheek. Well, okay, that's BS...but I was DEVASTATED. Truly. I did want to cry. I came back to work and went directly to MK's office. She said "oh no! what's wrong?" I told her. She consoled me. It was awful. I refused to log onto for a while. My heart hurt. I fell in love with an e-mail, and the man behind it was wonderful. I just couldn't stand to look at him. Life isn't fair sometimes. Goodbye Nathaniel Alexander Sinclair III.

(I know this sounds a bit dramatic, but believe me...I was crushed. Keep reading though. It does get better. I promise!)


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