Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let Your GUT Be Your Guide

After the voice of reason spoke, I decided to reference my SMART Man Hunting book by Liz H. Kelly. You remember that this is what got me started, right? Liz H. Kelly says that I need to trust my gut. Only, she writes it GUT. She puts it in all caps because she really believes in it. She says that our GUT is not going to let us down.

Liz H. Kelly says that if in my GUT I don't think about kissing my date within the first hour it's a no go. Now I'm not sure this is completely true for this dater. As I told you before, I'm a little slow in the kissing booth. I like to take about 3 or 4 dates to really know someone before I kiss them. I don't know why really, but I think it's just the idea of something strange touching my mouth before I'm really sure what it is. The show Fear Factor comes to mind. You know the one where people have to eat monkey brains and such? I'm not trying to eat any monkey brains today thank you very much.

I'm going to amend Liz H. Kelly's rule to say that if at the end of the first date I don't want to vomit at the thought of kissing him then we are okay. How does that sound? I think it sounds quite smashing, considering I've yet to experience that with my dates :)

Let's go back for a minute and look at my GUT reactions to each of the dates I've been on:

1. Romeo - I suspect he could be Ted Bundy. I can't imagine kissing him.
2. Cowboy - Sleepy conversation, then catches me off guard with the ol' pinned against the car kiss attempt routine. I DO NOT want to kiss him. Ever.

3. Nathaniel Alexander Sinclair III - I can't look him directly in the face :( Not much chance of him getting close enough for a kiss.

4. Father Abraham - ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..Oh! I'm sorry. Did someone say wake up and kiss him? No. I don't want to.

5. The Earl - :) Kisses would be lovely thank you. Too bad you live in Greenwich, England.

6. Guitar Hero - I would rather drink acid than kiss this person. He's okay looking....but his personality makes my skin crawl.

Well then. Of to a great start aren't we? Never fear. Liz H. Kelly has told me that my problem is that I'm not looking for "showstoppers". Showstoppers are things that people do or say that immediately cause you to say "goodbye". She says that I need to be alert to these, and that I should NEVER question my GUT when it proclaims that a showstopper has occurred. Hmmm....sounds familiar. Pretty much what the voice of reason told me. Okay. I like this.

Just one question. I've gone through 6 dates already (okay, okay...5...The Earl doesn't count) and I've yet to like any of them. I do live in Smalltown, VA after all. What if I run out of dates before my GUT give me the go ahead? Yikes!


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