Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In the Beginning

I'm the type of girl who goes to party, sees a cute guy, winks at said guy....and 3 years later we break up. It's a vicious cycle. Nothing ever changes, and I never meet Mr. Right. The good news is, most of the 3 year investments have turned into pretty good friends. Except one. But that's because he went psycho after HE broke up with ME. Go figure.

Speaking of HIM...this blog has come to be because I met my friend Kait for drinks tonight. HE was sitting in the bar with some random HER. Irritating. Why does HE always have a HER. Perhaps he doesn't really like her? OR...maybe he is doing what I have been doing for years. Filling an opening. Well, no more. I took some time to be alone and now I know what I want!

But, how do I find what I want? That is the question. I live in Smalltown, VA. Not so small town that we have only one stoplight, but small town enough that any time I go out I see the same males. None of whom I want to date.

My boss (of all people) tells me about a book his former employee wrote: Smart Man Hunting by Liz H. Kelly. "She's happily married now" he proclaimed. So, I bought it. Liz told me that I needed to date "outside of my comfort zone". Apparently that meant So I took Liz's advice and I signed up. I wrote my silly little "about me". I paid my $30. I had no idea what I was getting into.

***Side note...Liz H. Kelly must really know what she is talking about because she now has a full fledged website. Seriously. There is a Man Code Compatability Guide. Who knew? Check it out:


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