Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chickpeas do not exist. Therefore, the answer is false!

Last night a friend of mine invited a few of us over for Indian food and game night. I went to her house in comfy pants, a sweatshirt and my Uggs. There were 6 of us...3 girls, 3 guys. I knew everyone and was completely comfortable. We hooked the computer up to her TV and watched silly YouTube videos while eating. Then we played Cranium. I had to act out a Chick Magnet. I looked like an idiot, but I didn't care. I actually laughed until I cried. I love my friends :) They called me Boo all night, and we tried to come up with sayings like "Cool Beans!" that we quit saying years ago because they are "so over we need a new word for over". It was a healing experience for this dater who was about ready to throw the towel in. I needed that.

The best part of the night took place while playing Cranium (guys vs. girls). The guys were given a question about falafuls. Something about their main ingredient being chickpeas. One of the guys (while sipping a glass of very nice red wine and looking oh so intellectual) states "Chickpeas do not exist. Therefore, the answer is false." Silence. Was he serious? Did he really not think chickpeas existed? We stared at him. He was serious. Completely. We all burst out laughing, and one of the other guys said "we suck at this game and are never going to win". It was priceless.

I realized something very important last night. I do want to find someone to spend the rest of my life with. I really do. But, if I don't....I will be okay. My friends will always be there to laugh with me, and I will always have a place to sleep if I run out of oil for the furnace again:)

P.S. TWW...chickpeas really do exist :)


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