Thursday, February 5, 2009

OMFG! I have just met my future husband.

Prospect #3 is a winner. He's going to be the father of my children (I don't really want children...but if I did...this guy would be their father!) Meet Nathaniel Alexander Sinclair III. This is going to be a long blog entry. I hate those, but it's necessary.

Nathaniel Alexander Sinclair III e-mails me the following:

What to say...that's always a tough one. But, I noticed you put emphasis on the fact that you are a Gemini; I'm an Aries! Does that mean we are destined or doomed? I love astrology and check my horoscope on Yahoo almost every day. It's fun but I'm a man of science, as they say, and don't truly believe in it, but it's always fun to see how people match up with me, stars-wise.

Anyway, according to Match, we are bound to succeed ... we are 97% compatible! Wow! I'm sure it's a given that we will get married at a ceremony officiated by the CEO and appear on one of those cheezy ads. Or is that I don't know...I only watch a bit of TV every now and again. Otherwise, I'm just your average law student - overworked, too much stress, not enough time to go out; and therefore an online dater! Well, I'm an initiate of online dating anyway - I just signed up 2 days ago and haven't gotten out on a real date yet. 2 days of sending messages to those who "spark my interest" and nothing to show for it yet except a few replies. No actual dates. I guess that's fine, as taking things too fast is never a good idea.

Hmm, what else. I'm originally from NYC, so living in the country here in the sticks of Virginia is very refreshing. I left the city because I was so sick of the hurried pace, the rude people, and the crowds. So many people think I'm crazy for leaving, but those are mostly the ones who have not lived there for a length of time. No doubt, for a newcomer it must be fun for a while but I think that, for anybody, once the novelty of it wears off it's nauseating. Sure I miss the art museums, the Opera, the flamboyantly gay guys wearing the latest fashions while walking their shi-zus (however you spell it - those tiny dogs that Paris Hilton wears), the rock and roll, and the culture of it all...but now that I've matured I really value the countryside. It's better in a way that is hard for me to describe.

Also, I hate cats. I mean, really, really, irrationally hate them. I think it's because if they were bigger than humans, they would hunt us down and eat us. So if you have cats, that's really a deal-breaker, unless you don't mind me driving them 100 miles from home and dropping them off at some 50 year old, single cat-lady's house. OK well that cat tirade was a bit tongue in cheek ... but not too much.That's about all from me, I have a final paper due tomorrow on the intersection of law and religion - it's a total BS class but I still have to do the work, put in the time, etc. Then I have 2 more papers due and 2 final exams so the next 2 weeks are going to be stressful - which means a great time to blow off some steam by going on a low-key date!

We're all adults here, so there's no point beating around the bush, a date with you would most likely be fun! We're 97% compatible after all...If you really want to push it, I'm going to be in Smalltown, VA tomorrow for an interview at a law firm there, maybe we could get lunch? if you'd prefer to take it a bit more slow, my email is XXXXXXXXXXXX. My free subscription to ends tomorrow and I'm not sure if I'm going to renew it. I'm not the kind of guy who has 300 girlfriends at once, so unless I don't find anyone I'm going to cut it off. I'm a starving student, after all...OK, ciao bella! Hope to hear from you soon.
-Nathaniel Alexander Sinclair III

I'm in LOVE. This is what I'm looking for. Someone who is clever, witty, honest, strong. Point blank...someone who makes me laugh so hard I cry and Nathaniel Alexander Sinclair III did just that! It's 10pm when I receive this e-mail. I hurriedly reply with something witty in return telling him I'd love to meet for lunch the next day, and I give him my cell number.

His pictures are okay. He's pretty tall (6'3" I think?), a bit of extra weight (I usually date bean poles) but I don't care and most importantly he really does have a kind face. Yay for me! I've found my husband.

***Side note - Nathaniel Alexander Sinclair III has a trademark. A signature item of clothing that he won't be found without. I THINK THERE IS NOTHING SEXIER THAN A MAN WHO DOES THIS. It's my southern roots I suppose? Like my uncle carrying a cane with him always. You will not find the man without a cane. It's more for looks I believe, but it's always there. It's his trademark. Nathaniel Alexander Sinclair III's trademark is.......RED SOCKS! Isn't that the cutest ever? Suit, tux, khaki's and an oxford...doesn't matter. He is wearing red socks. Not like a tacky Valentine's Day red, but more of a deep royal red. Priceless!

(This blog entry is getting so long it's giving me a headache. I'm starting another one...)


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