Monday, March 16, 2009

My Inbox - Follow-Ups

Alrighty then, let's move on to the people in my inbox that you already know. I've received a few responses from them, so let's see what they say!

G.I. Joe
Well, he's e-mailed me twice! Guess I had better get on the move here or he's going to think I'm ignoring him. Let's see what he says in his first response....Okay, wait. He calls me Lady. Like as in "Hi Lady" or "How are you today lady?" Kindove weird, considering he is aware of what my name is at this point. How do you feel about that? It kindove made my skin crawl. I'm not sure why. Oh he's broken out the old "lady friend" notation.

***Side Note - In college I went out with this guy briefly who was a "townie" (read = family from the small college town where I attended school). He was smart and funny and a little bit back woods, but I liked him. He also was attending college with me, so I really couldn't fault him for where he was born and raised. When I met his parents I began to realize that perhaps we weren't a good match after all. It's like he morphed into this different person around them. He always introduced me as his "lady friend" and used these other terms that I've not heard of. I think it would have been different if all of this had transpired in Italy or something, but right here in VA it was a little odd. Am I too picky? Geezzz, probably. But I don't like to be called someone's "lady friend". I'm their friend OR their girlfriend. Pick one.

Back to G.I. Joe. Okay, he doesn't like going out. He thinks that at 11pm everyone out is a drunk and annoying. Oopsies! That's probably me :) I don't go out nearly as much as I used to, but I do enjoy going out sometimes for heaven's sake! He also tells me that I sound very stable. Well, I guess that's good....considering the alternative....

Finally, he wants to know if we should talk? I'm assuming he means on the telephone? He says it can't hurt if we do. That's odd. I'm not really sure about this fellow. I'm sure he's lovely and all, but I'm getting weird vibes that make me think he's probably a little back woods for this single girl.

Perhaps I'll wait another few days to e-mail him. By then he may have met a "lady friend" and settled down.

The teacher gets right down to it! He says hello. Tells me he hopes the engagement party is going smashingly (as he sent the e-mail at the time the festivities were in full swing), and then says we should probably talk on the phone. Excellent communication skills. He says that he thinks we would have a great conversation. (Why thank you Lehrer. So much more eloquently stated that our poor friend G.I. Joe).

***Side Note - He's not originally from Smalltown, Va. He's actually from THE NORTH. Mind you, I do realize I was not living during THE WAR, but I was raised to believe that people from THE NORTH were mean and burnt our family's land and stole from us. Over the years I've come to realize that mentality is a bit much, but I sometimes do wonder what the fam would say if I brought home my future husband...only to announce he was from THE NORTH. The idea kindove makes me chuckle a bit :) I dare say, no matter who I end up bringing home for the long hall had better be game for the following:

1. Drinking lots of iced tea
2. Playing croquet on the lawn after church
3. Being comfortable wearing pink and light blue in the summers
4. Lots of cigar smoke in the evenings
5. Family cocktail hour
6. Having "supper" at 8:00 at night

So, that's all Lehrer has to say. He does tell me a bit about his day, what he did and that type of thing, but nothing that is going to help us decide whether or not I go out with him:)

Man of Few Words
Gosh. He sure is a man of few words. He hasn't written any. Oh well! Perhaps he will send us a lil note tonight :)

AND FINALLY...I wrote my friend back. The friend that found my blog, and I wrote him an apology and he wrote back. Well, I finally wrote him back. I couldn't think of anything wonderful to I just wrote a boring old e-mail. I just wanted to be sure to write something, so he didn't think I had gone missing. Not that I really expect that he wants to meet me at this point, but as my friend Daisy says..."You never know. It could end up like a scene from Bridget Jones Diary and you marry the guy". (Kate also has a vote in for him! Not so much because you guys even know anything more about him, since I'm being rather undercover and such, but her vote is mostly because she thinks it would make a swell story.) Well, I don't know about all that, but I sent him a note back and we shall see if he replies :)

Until tomorrow....



Kate said...

I am not sure about G.I. Joe. I wouldn't write him off completely but seems like there might be something odd.

An American Girl in London said...

you know, notherners aren't that bad! we actually enjoy iced tea, enjoy a cigar, love cocktails, and who doesn't eat late anymore? an evening meal before 7 simply means you aren't happening. i'm hot for teacher.

JKC said...

in complete agreement with you about THE NORTH :) although i still think there's hope for the teacher. i think some northerners are southern at heart.

DSS said...

Awwww..AAGIL, you are an honorary southerner :) I gave you that badge after you not only visited Smalltown, VA for the weekend, but actually had a good time! That Jersey accent might fool some people, but not me. LOVE!